So you passed your Technicians Exam, What Next?


OK, you finally got the nerve to go and take the Technician Exam, and Wallah! You passed! What next? Well, I believe we've all been in that same position. Lucky for you, you're in the right place if you took the Exam at a local Radio Club.Stick around and ask questions. Pretty much everyone in the Hobby is willing to help out a New Ham. If you're anything like me, you already have your hand on an HT unit. A hand held transceiver. I recommend that you pick up a programming cable for it. Once you have that in hand, go ahead to and You can download all the local repeaters and useful frequencies for your area. And go ahead and program your HT. It's a whole lot easier than manually programming it. Although, you should also learn to do it manually.

Don't forget about all those great people you met at the Club. Ask if there is open membership, and go ahead and join them. This would be by far, the best thing you can do. The combined knowledge of everyone there is worth a ton of gold. You can learn soooooo much from them. And if they're anything like everyone at the West Essex Amateur Radio Club, in Essex Fells, NJ, you're in great hands!

Next is making your First Contact on the Radio. Ask for help on what to do. The proper procedure for making that call out. Trust me. Everyone there would be more than willing to help you out.

Never stop asking questions. Write them down as you think of them. Research the hobby. Watch a ton of YouTube Videos. There are several YouTube's that are absolutely great. Like Ham Radio Crash Course, Ham Radio Concepts, KB9VBR Antennas, theSmokinApe, and on, and on, and on, just to name a few…You get the point. Just look up ham radio in YouTube and you'll run into a ton of great video's.

Another pointer, learn how to make your own equipment, like antenna's, modifying your own equipment, making your own cables, and coax connections. Not only would it save you a ton of money, but it's Crazy Fun and Satisfying. That's what the Hobby is all about. Meeting new people, and having Fun.

Now get off of the computer and pick up that radio and start making some contacts. Keep a log of Callsigns and Bands and frequencies you spoke to them on. All this info is waiting for you to find online and at your Local Radio Club.

Enjoy and 73's!



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