Neither Cold, Nor Snow, Nor Howling Winds!


That's right! Neither Cold, Nor Snow, Nor Howling Winds, will keep these Hams from going out and testing their gear and making contact. The same held true for a couple of us WEARC Club Members. Lou Mercado - KD2TSC, Wayne Oshin - KD2UXU, and Metin Serdar Serbetci - KD2UAF. This past Saturday we packed our gear and went to Eagle Rock Reservation, in...

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2021 Winter Field Day - The Rookie's First

20210131_115611 Lou , KD2TSC with Gary DeYoung, KB2JXM and 3 different Antenna's. BuddiStick, Moonraker, and Dual Band DIY Dipole on 15 ft. tripod.

Winter Field Day 2021 was a new experience for me in my Ham Operators Journey.  This was my first Contest that I ever participated in. Had no idea what to expect.  Except, that I was going to have a Blast!  While no Records were broken, Lessons were Learned.  New Friendships were started.  Old Friendships were For...

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Club Meeting Location:

American Red Cross Office

209 Fairfield Rd

Fairfield, NJ 07004

2014 Affiliated Club Logo Round 200